We wanted to send a huge thank you to everyone who donated money at our event “What Can We Learn From People Who Hear Voices?” and a special thanks to¬†The International Society for Psychological & Social Approaches to Psychosis (ISPS-US) for sponsoring us!

The event, featuring Jacqui Dillion, Gail Hornstein, Noel Hunter, & Greg Shankland, raised over $2,500 dollars to support the development of Hearing Voices Groups in the United States. With the money, Hearing Voices NYC is going to set up a FREE training for people interested in becoming facilitators for Hearing Voices Groups (most likely in June). Stay tuned for more details…

Greg Shankland, Gail Hornstein, Jacqui Dillion, Noel Hunter, Marie C. Hansen, & Jess Arenella on the steps of the CG Jung Building
Greg Shankland talks on the phenomenology of voices
Amazing cake made by our own Jessica Arenella– Raffled off at our Bake Sale!


Noel Hunter & Gail Hornstein talk about how to increase Hearing Voices Groups in NYC
Baked goods made by Allison de Seve, Marie C. Hansen, Halle Thurnauer, Jessica Arenella, & Felicia Sitrin- Plus donated Kosher Cakes from Leah Rokeach
Halle Thurnauer shows off raffle tickets at our bake sale