Voice-Hearers Needed for Consultation & Collaboration

Many people who hear voices say that they sometimes “talk” with, “communicate” with, or “interact” with their voices. This might be out loud, or silently. We are interested in learning more about these experiences.

If you have ever talked with your voices – or had someone else talk with your voices – we are interested in collaborating with you on developing research questions for our study.

We are part of an international working group focused on learning about the different ways people interact with their voices. Some of us are therapists, some voice hearers, some researchers (and some of us wear several of these hats). This is not a research study, but a way you can help collaborate with us on what you think we need to learn about people who have had conversations with their voices.

This survey is a series of open ended questions about “talking” or “interacting” with voices (or what is sometimes called “voice dialogue”). All questions are completely optional, you do not have to answer all the questions to participate. We also welcome extended conversations, as well as interest in collaborations with us. For more information, please email Nev Jones at nev.jones@yale.edu

Thank you on behalf of the International Consortium on Hallucination Research Working Group on Voice Dialogue,

Berta Britz, Dirk Corstens, Felicity Deamer, Marie C. Hansen, Nev Jones, Sarah Kamens, Simon McCarthy-Jones, Sohee Park, Liz Pienkos, Cherise Rosen, Rajiv Sharma, Neil Thomas, and Angela Woods